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Are The Lip Glosses Sticky?

No! Our glosses are very rich, moisturizing, long lasting and most importantly NON-STICKY! Our glosses feel very smooth and luxurious.

How many types of lashes are available?

All of our Lashes range from 18MM – 25MM in length. We carry luxury mink & faux mink lashes.


Can the eyelashes be reused?

With proper care, our eyelashes can be reused up to 20 times.


How do i put on the eyelashes?

Step 1| Remove Lash From Package.

​Using the free applicator that came with your order, gently remove lash from package. To do so, use applicator to grab the end of the band and light pull away from the package until lash is removed.

Step 2| Measure + Trim

Before applying your lashes, it is so important to measure and trim the lashes. This will make the application a lot easier, because they will fit your eye-shape better. Using the free applicator that came with your order and simply place lash on your lid, and observe the excess lash.Then use a pair of scissors to cut the excess lash .

Tip:  When placing the lash on your lid to measure, never place it too far in your inner corner, because the lash wont stick there. Your lash shouldn’t be across your entire lid. Essentially, you want to customize to your desired look and comfort.

Step 3| Apply Adhesive on Lash Band.

After perfecting and customizing your lashes to fit your eye-shape .. you want to apply your lash. Using your favorite adhesive, apply a even layer across the lash band. Be sure to cover the entire band, and apply extra adhesive to the ends to guarantee lash corners won’t lift. Let adhesive sit for about 30 seconds-1 minute to get tacky, then apply. Depending on your eye-shape, there’s different techniques you can use to master application.

Tip:Use a latex-free adhesive to avoid allergies, and/or eye sensitivity/aggravation. Additionally, we recommend using a brush-on adhesive for a mess-free application.

We will soon have lash adhesive in our store!

Step 4| Apply Mascara.

Simply apply 1-3 coats (or your desired amount ) of your favorite mascara onto your lashes. Doing so will help blend your MMBeauty lashes in with your natural ones like a charm.

Step 5| Apply  Lashes.

​Using the free applicator that came with your order, pick up the lash, make sure it’s very close to the band. Using a mirror look down and/or stretch your eyes (pulling them toward your ears) to have a clear view of your natural lash line. Apply center of the lash directly on top of your lash line, then place each side as well. Secure your lashes by making sure they’re not lifting and they are on tight. Use applicator to gently squeeze your MMBeauty lashes into your natural ones.

And BOOM! You’re done. .. But wait don’t forget to tag us in your bomb selfies.

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Twitter: @_MMBeauty_

Facebook: Mastermind Beauty

How do i remove the eyelashes?

Dip a cotton ball or pad in the olive or coconut oil and gently swipe along your lash line, helping the extensions slide right off. You may need to repeat this step to dissolve the glue completely. Once the extensions slide off, rinse your face with warm water to remove any excess oil.


How do i clean the eyelashes?

Use Make-up cotton swab to dip in the clear water and then clear the black band of the eyelash, u can use the dryer to blow it. If the lashes get wet, it’s okay. We will launch our eyelash shampoo soon! Stay tuned.


How is the processing time?

Depending on size & type of order, on average an order takes 2-3 days to process. We work our hardest to get our items shipped as fast as possible.


How long does shipping take?

On average our packages arrive in 5-7 days domestically. & 7-14 days Worldwide. We aim to provide the safest and fastest shipment method possible. Once the items have shipped out, you will receive tracking number to track package. You can track your current order here – ORDER TRACKING

***Please allow 24 hrs after you receive the tracking number for tracking progress to start***


Can i use a P.O Box as shipping address?

Yes, P.O Boxes Are Accepted!


Do you offer Refund, Return or Exchange?

All Sales are final. Once a order is place we can not cancel, refund or exchange.
We ONLY issue refunds in the event we send out the wrong items. In this case we give you 2 options, Receive a full refund or have us send you the correct items.

Due to the nature of our products and for sanitary and safety reasons we do not accept returns or exchanges on ANY used items.

If any products are damaged please contact customer service within 24 hours. we will replace damaged items with proof of manufacturing damages.

We are not responsible for lost packages. once an order is shipped you would have to contact shipping providers to claim your lost items.